Data Assimilation & Observing Strategies

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World Weather Research Programme
A. Baklanov, S. Jones, P. Ruti

HIWeather - “Research for Resilience”
B. Golding, J. Sun (presented by S. Majumdar)

Year of Polar Prediction

Coupled land-atmosphere data assimilation and errors in LSMs
T. Hamill

OSSEs and NOAA’s Quantitative Observing Systems Assessment Program (QOSAP)
B. Atlas, C. MacLean, L. Cucurull (NOAA, USA) S. Majumdar, T. Hamill

Hierarchical Bayes Ensemble Kalman Filter
M. Tsyrulnikov, A. Rakitko

Update on Satellite Observations
C. Velden

Greenhouse Gas Data Assimilation
S. Polavarapu, A. Agusti-Panareda, A. Jacobson, S. Massart, L. Ott, C. Plass-Dülmer, G. Schürmann

GNOS/FY-3C refractivity data quality control and assimilation in GRAPESGFS 3DVar
Jincheng Wang, Yan Liu, Mi Liao

Mesoscale Data Assimilation
N. Fourrié with contributions from M. Buehner, T. Hamill, B. MacPherson, S. Majumdar, M. Tsyrulnikov

Forecast Sensitivity Observation Impact - FSOI
C. Cardinali, R. Gelaro, J-F. Mafouf

Forecast Verification against Observation
C. Cardinali, S. Healy, G. Radnoti, M. Dahoui

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